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Topic: Garritan/EWQL SO/Bela D

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    Garritan/EWQL SO/Bela D

    Which library would you recommend to combine with Bela D's Anthology libraries? I hear so much good about Garritan GPO4, there's even a forum dedicated to it. I want to use the libraries in Kontakt. What's wrong with EWQL SO? Texture creation is very important to me.

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    Re: Garritan/EWQL SO/Bela D

    The instruments in Anthology are recorded studio dry so ideally you shouldn't encounter difficulties in matching it with other libraries, just use the appropriate reverb settings for the instruments.

    Both of those orchestral libraries are nice but you won't get to use their latest versions in Kontakt since GPO went Aria, EWSO went Play sampler engine-wise.
    Gábor Valasek
    Scripting Team
    Bela D Media.com

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