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Topic: Worth the Wait

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    Worth the Wait

    Downloaded GPO 4 Full version yesterday. I'm a Sonar Pro user and have been using "Pocket Orchestra".

    Download went perfectly.
    Installation went perfectly.
    Registration went perfectly.
    Activation went perfectly.
    Works like a champ with Sonar.
    Sounds great!

    I'm a very happy man.

    Thanks Gary!

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    Re: Worth the Wait

    If your sum total experience is with the Pocket Orchestra, then you are in for a TREAT!

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    Re: Worth the Wait

    GPO4 may very well be the most inspiring library to play when it comes to composing for orchestra. It's fast, immediate, and sounds terrific PLUS it's super nice on my Macbook CPU. All around great product.

    Thanks Gary.

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    Re: Worth the Wait

    I've known since December that I wanted to "upgrade" from Pocket Orchestra to GPO and have been waiting (sometimes patiently, sometimes not so much) for version 4.

    Went through all of the voices and articulations last night.

    As I mentioned earlier... I'm a happy man.

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