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Topic: Trilogy, Logic 9 and G5 macs.

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    Trilogy, Logic 9 and G5 macs.

    Just wondering if anyone here finds this useful, or could contribute to it?


    I realize if we had patience that Trillian will cure this, but.....

    Trilian, GPO 4, JABB, EZDrummer, Superior Drums, Logic 9, and too many guitars.

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    Re: Trilogy, Logic 9 and G5 macs.

    hmmm, weird. I kind of experienced the same thing, though slightly different and with Atmosphere/Omnisphere... My upgrade from a PPC G5 imac to a new intel mac pro coincided with my upgrade from L8 to L9. I have the whole spectrasonics suite of instruments.

    One of my old PPC L8 projects loads in L9 on the intel mac pro, as expected it says trilogy and atmosphere are not compatible. I replace the atmosphere instrument with omnisphere and assign the same atmosphere patch (in omnisphere). The track meter shows level while playing, but the midi is not triggering the omnisphere patch, the problem presents itself in the same fashion you've described for the trilogy instrument.

    Some projects I've imported don't have this problem, but the odd one does since upgrading from L8 to L9 and moving from PPC machine to intel mac (mac pro 2.26GHZ octo 6Gig ram)

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