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Topic: ARIA preset??

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    ARIA preset??

    i just dl and installed aria.
    it's late at night and i just had no time to dig it, but i have just question:
    i didnt foudn any "preset save" on effects section

    what if i want to save and recall a particular configuration for a reverb?
    i noticed that loading the "aria file" doesn recall the effects settings.


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    Re: ARIA preset??

    Hi Bosone,

    That's strange, I just tried it and FILE>LOAD (.aria) file does recall the reverb settings for me....

    Obviously that's not the same as being able to save your own reverb presets. The reverb is a special edition of Magnus Jonsson's Ambience plugin, but from what I have been able to tell so far, the plug in and the presets are hard-coded.

    However I notice that the GUI is all xml and .png based. Editing eg gui_effect.xml and adding a new preset (eg bosone 1) and sure enough it will appear in the menus, though I haven't had time to trace where the settings are stored yet.

    It does open up the whole idea of 'skinning' the GUI, in theory you could replace all the PNGs with your own (of the same dimensions) and have your own ARIA personalised GUI! Probably warranty-busting though.

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    Re: ARIA preset??

    It looks like 'skinning' is possible - here I edited one the Aria PNGs and blended in a picture of my violin. Opening up ARia Player - here is results (also with my own reverb preset).

    The one PNG to NOT edit is the keycard/licence PNG btw!

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    Re: ARIA preset??


    Preset ability for sub sections of the ARIA UI, is one part of ARIA that im working on this week. Stay tuned. Ambiance preset ability might apear in a future update to the ARIA player.
    David Viens, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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    Re: ARIA preset??

    i think they are absolutely mandatory!

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