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Topic: The Return :)

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    The Return :)

    Something new from me.

    I just got my new PC, and a new soundcard, so of course I had to write something new to uh..test it out. Let me know what you think!

    The Return


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    Re: The Return :)

    Hi, Chris--How good to hear more music from you.

    This is a beautifully done, lushly gentle, lullaby kind of piece that seems to fulfill itself very confidently and effectively. A very pleasant piece of music, and I admire your work on it.


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    Re: The Return :)


    This is a beautiful piece.

    So tell what you ended up getting for a new computer and soundcard.

    I have been on my headphones all day today, so I thought perhaps my hearing was just off at first, so I downloaded your piece and looked at it in Audacity. For some reason it seemed shifted to the right. The waves in Audacity confirm this but not as bad as my hearing told me.

    There isn't a big difference in the outputs per ear, but it does have more coming out in the right, other than just the piano.

    It doesn't matter of course. It still sounds great.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: The Return :)

    This a wonderful, rich composition! It would fit perfectly into an emotional and moving scene of a movie (that sounded weird.. erm of a film).

    The production values could do with some work but the actual writing and orchestrations are very good indeed. Legato string technique is not easy to do in GPO and I think you have managed to get good results here.

    Not sure about those tiny portamentos- they threw me off during my listen. I also agree with Ron about the slight right-bias balance.

    Still, a beautiful piece of writing. Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes,
    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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    Re: The Return :)

    Randy - thanks a lot.

    Thanks Ron. I got a quad core machine with more RAM, and an M audio revolution card. Nothing too flash but a nice imporvement on my old setup. I need some monitors so that will be my next purchase.

    As for the left and right thing, I think I fixed that now, let me know. I reupdated the mp3 file.

    Thanks also Paul, I might remove some of those bends. By production values do you mean mainly the strings and the flow of them, or something else? I'm always trying to improve my sound, production wise.

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    Re: The Return :)

    It's generally just the overall sound of the mix, I guess. The piece is so well crafted that I would LOVE to hear it, just... hmmm, this is hard to put into words. Let me try to narrow it down.

    Sometimes, the strings sound synthetic (but this is the case with a lot of sound library mock ups, mine included!)

    I feel the mix could use some more subtle work, balance wise. What verb did you use? And what settings (stage mics etc) Any compressor?

    I guess it just needs enrichening...(is that even a word?) a little.

    Please yell at me if I am sounding picky because that is not my intention. I am giving this some thought and trying to advise because I really do like the composition.

    Did you layer the strings in any parts? Sometimes it may take 3 or 4 different samples all layered and blended - playing the same passage/staff to achieve the desired result. So, in the end,for example, your first violins may take up 4 tracks in the mix! Am I making sense?

    Ok, I'll stop. I hope I have been able to point out what I meant.

    If not, I can try again

    Best wishes,
    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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    Re: The Return :)

    Thanks Paul, no definitely please do not worry about being picky, as my goal is to improve!

    The verb is the Garritan Ambience reverb. I layered some solo strings over the top but perhaps I could do more of that, I only did one or two tracks, I could easily layer 4-5 solo strings over the top of each string part and remix it that way, I've tried that in the past and it works quite well.

    I'll see what else I can do to on this track to increase the production.

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    Re: The Return :)

    I will certainly look forward to hearing your new version, Chris. I have spent days upon days fighting with the strings, tweaking reverb, EQ, pan, balance, compression, layering and have sometimes ended up pulling out my hair over it. Sometimes, I have even deleted layers in the end, and reduced it back to 2 or 3. It's all about what the dynamics of the piece are, when trying to achieve that 'real' sound. Legato is hard to do, realistically, as I mentioned and going through every single note on each track, having them overlap when needed can also help improve the 'realism' of the sound.

    Personally, I have always been able to frown at parts of all the work I have written, and more often that not, it is the string parts! So, don't battle too hard with it, unless you think it can sound better. Maybe you are happy with the mix as it is - and if so, I would not want to be responsible for your hair ending up all over the keyboard!

    Whatever the outcome, it really is a piece of music which has stuck with me and I will listen to it again.

    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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    Re: The Return :)

    Wonderful work, Mister Chris. It's just beautiful and I am very impressed.
    You have to be the best composer in all of New Zealand and more.

    Thank you, young man, for posting your great music.

    Best Regards,
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: The Return :)

    I liked this very much, it definitely sounds like it needs a movie to go with it. (We're probably all expecting movie themes these days ). It does stand alone well though.

    I thought that the very first note was rather abrupt. Did you render too close to the beginning or was that a product of the streaming, in which case there's nothing you could do and I should look at it again here.

    Keep it up.
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
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