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Topic: John Cage Prepared Piano..?

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    John Cage Prepared Piano..?

    While having a gander around big fish audio\'s website, I noticed the John Cage Prepared Piano disc..does anybody know anything about this disc?
    What does it sound like, what kind of \'preparations\' were made to it (screws, plectrum..?), how many discs? When will it be released?
    I\'m really quite curious!



    ps: Donnie, if you\'re reading this, please contact me about the cymbalscrapes! (me@jorisdeman.com)

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    Re: John Cage Prepared Piano..?

    I hope someone who knows replies to this. I would love to have a prepared piano that can actually play real notes that can be used with other instruments. That would be AWESOME. Xsamples prepared piano is good, but there are no chromatic notes sampled for doing your own quirky melody, mostly just prepared piano effects. I sure hope this disc has that!

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    Re: John Cage Prepared Piano..?

    Will it be possible to play melodies with the prepared piano along with other instruments? Another words, will they be the samples be tuned like a normal piano but tweaked out sounding?
    Also, when do you think it will be shipping?

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    Re: John Cage Prepared Piano..?

    Well I guess that depends. The Cage piano was set up to the exact specs that Cage had outlined for his Prepared Piano Pieces. Some of the notes are \"regular\" (no preparation) and some are prepared where you can\'t really tell the original pitch. This is how Cage had laid it out.


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    Re: John Cage Prepared Piano..?

    Thanks for this info, Donnie.

    I think there should also be (even if it means stretching the range of certain notes) complete prepared patches that have all notes prepared (not to Cage\'s spec: but they might be more useful).

    EG patches that use a similar sounding prepared effect across a large range etc

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    Re: John Cage Prepared Piano..?

    I did the programming on this one. It is a very nice library. It will also include the Prosonus Prepared Piano also.

    As a matter of fact I\'m sending the masters off today!!


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