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Topic: GPO Logic Outs

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    GPO Logic Outs

    I've loaded GPO as a 16-channel out and I can't select the aux outs in the Kontakt Player. All I get it St.1 and St.2 - the on-board mixer I guess. Why can I not use Logic's auxes as outs for the Kontakt Player? I should be able to. I've even gone onto YouTube to see how it's done and I've done everything word for word and I just can't set the outs. WTF? HELP!

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    Re: GPO Logic Outs

    Hi, Thethomas - KP2 defaults to just two pairs of stereo outs, the surround out, and the aux sends.

    You need to configure it to have more channels. Click "add channels," click "Reset out map" and the "config" buttons at the bottoms of the channel strips so you can direct those faders to the additional audio outs. You can end up with 16 discrete channels of stereo. Click "make default" so that this newly mapped mixer is what you'll have each time you open KP2.

    Then you'll be able to pair up all those outs from KP2 to the audio tracks in Logic.

    Of course, you should do the GPO4/Aria upgrade - A major improvement over KP2 is that routing signals from the play back engine to your app is much easier to set up.


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