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Topic: stylus rmx

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    stylus rmx

    I am trying to install stylus rmx on my computer, but I don't know where to put the "dll" file. I don't have a steinberg like the video suggest. I have protools mpowered 7.4. How do I install?


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    Re: stylus rmx

    If you check out the Spectrasonics site or have a look through your RMX DVD's, I think there should be one specifically for Pro Tools install.

    The other option is to see where all your other synth dll's are located (like the VST Plugins folder) and then select that.

    Basically, on startup, your pro tools will look for all the applicable synth/FX dll files from a default location.

    Perhaps there is also a setting within Protools that will give you some insight.

    Hope that helps
    Neil B
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