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Topic: Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?

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    Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?


    New user here on iMac G5 running 10.4.11 with two problems....

    1. Not all of the 28 included Ensemble (.aria) files will load for me.
    To be precise, 3,4,6,7,9,13,14,18,20,22,24 will load, but the others will not.
    Nothing happens when I use the drag & drop or File->open method
    in the Standalone Player or Drag & drop in the Plug In inside Cubase.

    Anybody else having this problem...could the files be corrupted ?
    If I save my own Ensemble/presets, they appear to load fine....

    2. I assume Pan Pots in The ARIA Mixer work like a normal Pan?
    For me the Pan doesn't appear to function at all..no movement in the stereo image when altering the Pan pots.

    Really happy with the GPO sounds and impressed with how efficient and intuitive the ARIA player is....


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    Re: Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?

    Hi Tuch,

    Thanks for saying how to load the Ensemble files in the plug-in, I've not found this in the manual yet!

    I've tried most of them and they are loading for me by drag & drop. Also, the pan pots are working as expected. I'm using Cubase 5 on an iMac running 10.5.7 so I don't know if that's the difference.

    I agree about the quality of the sounds and the ease of use of the new player.


    P.S. just found it - page 146

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    Re: Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?


    Has someone from Garritan got any thoughts on this?

    I can use Halion Player and Independence Free in my system and the panning controls work fine in those two Applications.

    I can't work out why the ARIA player pan control is non functional and also why only some of the Ensemble files will load....

    If it's any help, the Equaliser is non functional as well...

    Should I try a reinstall ? What's the setup with the activation with ARIA?
    Does an uninstall and a reinstall on the same computer use up an activation?


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    Re: Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?

    Turn off the Stereo Stage from the Controls section to get the Pan functionality back. Your instrument will be heard in full mono-glory!

    Stereo Stage does some pretty intense stereo simulation (and can switch between XY, ORTF, and AB emulations) but I think it may do so at the cost of control of the stereo field.

    Jeff knows more. Hopefully he will weigh in


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    Re: Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?

    Hi Reegs

    Thanks for the reply.....unfortunately.....

    I've already tried on and off with the Stereo Stage Button but it makes no difference. Pan in the mixer is still not working.

    There seems to be a problem with the whole Controls TAB actually....
    Stereo Stage doesn't work (not surprising since Pan is not I guess),
    and the Equaliser is not working either.

    Sends in the mixer and Ambience are working correctly....

    It's weird...same with some of the Ensemble files not loading....I've sent a support request to Garritan through the browser portal, so we'll see what happens.


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    Re: Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?

    Is there a specific instrument or group of instruments you're testing with?

    Perhaps a reinstall is in order. Are you on Vista, per chance?

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    Re: Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?

    Same for all instruments...

    Using Mac OS 10.4.11 on a G5 iMac, which I know TECHNICALLY
    is not minimum system requirements....still strange that some Ensemble files will load and others not though...you'd think it'd be all or nothing...


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    Re: Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?


    For anyone who's curious.....

    Had contact with Tony (Support) and did a complete uninstall, trashed all the preferences and reinstalled and that has fixed the Pan problem.
    Pans now function in the mixer and Stereo Stage and the Equaliser are all functioning.

    However, some of the Ensemble Files still won't load, same ones that failed to load after the initial installation.
    Will investigate this further....

    But anyway, apart from that, I seem to have a fully functioning ARIA Player now, so that's the main thing...


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    Re: Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?

    Hello Tuchwood

    I have bought the GPO4 upgrade last monday and I have EXACTLY the same problem... not just the ensemble files not loading - but the exact numbers that you say DO load, do indeed load for me as well while the others don't!!!

    I am on G5 - as you - technically maybe "underspec'd" but it sounds VERY strange that we would have the exact IDENTICAL problem!!!
    I have written an email to support.. wondering what they will come up with!

    Otherwise are other poeple who would be willing to make screenshots of the other standard ensemble files so I could adjust the settings and save them myself??


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    Re: Some Ensemble Files won't load & Pan not working?

    Edit: I believed the Auto-Legato was the difference between the Ensembles you cant load, but i was wrong. In the ensembles you listed there are some ones that dont have that option activated.
    Marcelo Colina

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