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Topic: How to disassemble effects in Omni

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    How to disassemble effects in Omni

    I play the Omnisphere preset Aggro-Plastico Lead and there seems to be a delay I cannot get rid of. There is no delay effect programmed in the the effects section, but the sound comes with a delay anyway. Is there somehow a built in delay in the sample or is there something in can do in the edit window to get rid of it?

    How to get rid of the often too complex and wild effects in the presets, that is not due to obvious settings in the effects section, would be a great thing to clarify in a tutorial video, I think. Generally, a tutorial on how to disassemble and thereby simplify complex presets would be a great way for a beginner to start to understand this great synth, IMO.


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    Re: How to disassemble effects in Omni

    A possible guess based on an other patch:

    Check the release setting on the ADSR.
    It might be that the delay is recorded in the sample and can be trimmed there.

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    Re: How to disassemble effects in Omni

    It's not the actual sound. On that particular patch the delay is on FX Part A.

    You have to go to the FX and mute the BPM Delay on part "A". There's a lot of FX there, you've got Part A, Part B, AND common. Since the patch is 2 partials, they each have separate and shared FX. : >
    Stephen Cullo

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    Re: How to disassemble effects in Omni

    Also check the arpegeio and also remember that filter and amplitude envelopes can create echo like effects to check those. Also check the master effects for the mixer's master fx send section.

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