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Topic: Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?

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    Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?

    since Gigastrings are out I wonder if there are some more people out here that have recently bought them and could comment on it ?

    Any demos available ?

    Thanks for some feedback.

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    Re: Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?

    i agree with you horst.i\'m wating for an oficial demo .

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    Re: Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?

    I have the library and can say that with-in the limitations of sampled sounds, a new standard has been reached. I wish all sample libraries were constructed with the same thought and care that this one was. It just doesn\'t get any closer to the \"Real Thing\" than this.
    The legato feature that uses masking samples is particularly unique and i wish could be carried over to brass and woodwind sounds in other libraries. If you need strings, this is the one to buy.

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    Re: Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?

    It\'s the best grand I have ever spent. You will play for days with your jaw wide open, then you realize, that was just the first patch!

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    Re: Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?

    That\'s right!

    I was part of the Beta team. I wasn\'t around for the entire time of the beta period, but in all these months I am STILL discovering great new things about the library. It\'s massive.

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    Re: Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?

    But like someone said earlier, how about some demos, though? I\'ve seen all these people talk about how great it is, but not many other than Simon have produced anything we can actually listen to.

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    Re: Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by RICARDO BOTTICELLI:
    i agree with you horst.i\'m wating for an oficial demo .<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    There are many demos on the site. They display the various colors well, it\'s all there.

    If you have the money to buy this library, then buy it. No question about it at all, there is nothing else even close. The sounds are top of class, and that is only part of the equation. The Maestro Tools and special patches are a big deal. The expression control is outstanding. Overall, it\'s very symphonic in sound, but crosses over well to pop/scoring.

    You could listen to demos until doomsday, and nothing could explain the difference between this library and competing string libraries.

    The big deal, beyond sounding great, is the way it plays. I initially perceived the feature set as somewhat tweaker-oriented, and I was dead wrong in that assumption. More the opposite. The Maestro Tools automatically does the kinds of sample switching/substituting you\'d do laboriously at your sequencer. Its legato modes banish the blossoming unison lines which have plagued every string library ever produced. If you can play, then you can knock out a lot of work very quickly.

    There is really nothing more to say than that. It sounds better than anything out there. It covers so many articulations you\'ll spend hours just going through the library the first time. It\'s huge. It is easier to get musical results fast with GOS than with any other string collection out there. It is very reasonably priced for being best of class.

    If you\'ve got the money, and want it, then buy it. There is no way you will be disappointed, you will only wonder why you hesitated.

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    Re: Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?

    Could anyone explain, how the Maestro Tools work ? Is it a plug-in for GS ? How does MT tell Gigasampler to change the sample ?


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    Re: Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?

    The way MaestroTools works is very simple actually. It\'s a driver that\'s installed once and a program that has to be running at the same time as GigaStudio. Once the driver\'s been installed you set the program to receive on the MIDI ins of your computer, and GigaStudio to receive from the MaestroTools, in the MIDI setup. Your basic MIDI flow of information is therefore as follows...

    Sequencer (external or not) ----> MaestroTools (where it fiddles with the MIDI data) ----> GigaStudio

    Very, very clever and simple.

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    Re: Gigastrings: Any new feedback ?


    thank you. That certainly helped me to understand the basic idea.

    I assume that MT reads MIDI-Data and then decides to perform e.g. a program change or a dimension change.

    The interesting quetsion is, wether there are
    any user definable parameters to influence how Maestro-Tools work, i.e. what input data creates what output data.


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