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Topic: New composition posted

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    New composition posted

    For anyone interested, I posted a new experimental piece. Sort of a tabla-groove soundtracky thing.
    If you have some time, let me know what ya think:


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    Re: New composition posted

    There are moments when I wondered if you might be an extended member of the Newman family

    I really dug it, thanks for lettin me listen.


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    Re: New composition posted

    Thanks Mike. I appreciate you taking the time to listen. I do love what Newman does and he is definitely an influence.

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    Re: New composition posted

    Agreed, are you related.....in fact you could be him

    its a great piece Damon

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: New composition posted

    Yeah. I listened to the piece yesterday, and still have it playing in my head... Good job Damon!

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    Re: New composition posted

    Thanks for listening guys. I appreciate the kind words

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    Re: New composition posted

    Very nice Damon! Good mix too.
    Curious as to which bass, back synth pad, and rhodes patches/instruments?

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    Re: New composition posted

    Hey James,
    Thanks for listening and I appreciate the kind words .
    The sounds I used were from:
    1. Heart of Asia-kongwong (ethnic marimba type sound), situr (great quirky metallic sound that I use alot), fingercymbals, and tablas
    2. Bass Legends-MM Warm Chorus Fretless Bass
    3. Xsample vol.1-chorus rhodes
    4. Distorted Reality 1 & 2-ethereal AS pad and fly-bys
    5. Symphony of Voices-whistling patch
    6. Ethno World-chickeneggs
    7. Advanced Orchestra-triangle
    8. My own tibetan bell
    9. Gigapiano

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    Re: New composition posted

    (This didn\'t seem to get through last time, so

    Very cool stuff. Lot\'s of \'space\'. I especially enjoyed the arrangement.

    Keep posting.

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    Re: New composition posted

    Nice Damon!

    A real opening scene stuff - panning over the city. Probably an action movie - drug dealers from Chinatown...



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