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Topic: Problems with Bluethner Model One and artefacts

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    Problems with Bluethner Model One and artefacts

    I have a strange artefact problem with one of my favourite pianos which is the Bluethner Model one. When activating the sustain impulses I get strange artefacts every time I depress the sustain pedal. If I don´t use the impulse responses then no problems occur.
    It shouldn´t have anything to do with the cpu load as it also happens when I bounce the track. The artefacts are tolerable but clearly there (and not neglectable) when you listen to the piano via headphones.

    The artefacts occured with Kontakt 2, Kontakt 3 and now unfortunately they persist with Kontakt 3.5.

    I have been in contact with Ernest from ProAudioVault (the producers of the Bluethner) who is an incredible helpful and nice person. He rendered one of my midi files using his computer and Logic 8 and 9. Surprise: No artefacts.
    I wonder if something is wrong with my system 8MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz, OS 10.5.7, FW 800 external disk, RME multiface but otherwise I have no problems with other libraries so far.

    I just wanted to check if anyone lese who owns the Bluethner has similar problems. If not I will delte and reinstall Kontakt 3.5 (That´s what Ernest suggested) to see if the problem is gone by then.

    Any help of you would be highly appreciated as I really love this piano but the strange artefacts drive me slightly crazy.
    Best regards

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    Re: Problems with Bluethner Model One and artefacts

    Problem solved. I did a reinstall of the Bluethner s well as the 1.1 update and now everything is fine again. This is just a wonderful piano
    Best regards

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