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Topic: GPO4 Sonar 8 Problem

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    GPO4 Sonar 8 Problem

    Working with my first Sonar project using GPO4.

    Problem: I have to constantly reload GPO instruments by channel after most playbacks or editing in piano roll view. The instruments are mute or barely audible on playback or, midi input or input into the Aria keyboard interface.

    Does not happen with any other .vst I'm using with sonar, including using Pocket Orchestra/Reason.

    Any Sonar users having a similar problem?


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    Re: GPO4 Sonar 8 Problem

    Hi Royce,

    I had same problem with my Sonar 8 and found it to be simply CC#1 modulation sitting at 0. Overcome by adding a CC#1 controller track with event added at start of track. Use initial value of 100, and get back to it for setting expression on each track when ready. Have noted that GPO4 accepts CC#11 in place of CC#1 so switched to that, being industry standard. GPO4 also allows CC#7 for overall volume. Good move.

    Hope that helps. Although guess you may have already found/fixed this. Cannot get too far without a fix.

    Hong Kong
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