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Topic: GPO4 and Sibelius

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    GPO4 and Sibelius

    What is the the patch loading mechanism used for GPO4? Anyone get it to work in Sib 6?

    -- Bob

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    Re: GPO4 and Sibelius

    There is some difference in the final version of the plugin and the beta version Sibelius has which causes Sib6 not to recognize the VST as ARIA. Therefore, the auto patch load doesn't work. Until they release a patch, you'll have to use manual soundsets.

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    Re: GPO4 and Sibelius

    Don't mind that for now (manual soundset is straight forward to do) but how do you tell Sib to use ModW for volume control instead of CC7. I know you can code values in directly but is there an easier way to it to just use ModW?

    -- Bob

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    Re: GPO4 and Sibelius

    I have created a "fixed" XML soundset file that you can select for use with manual soundsets. It's basically the same as the KP2 soundset file without the patch load entries. If you PM me your e-mail, I can send it to you.

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    Re: GPO4 and Sibelius

    Thank you.

    -- Bob

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    Re: GPO4 and Sibelius

    Looks like Sibelius are working on this, see this thread on their forum:-



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