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Topic: Erm, polyphony?

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    Erm, polyphony?

    I notice that there are no longer any monophonic instruments in GPO4. Not by default anyway - the Auto Legato feature does seem to include this functionality. However, as solo instruments are usually the most expressive and most exposed, it clearly seems necessary that a solo instrument be playable with manual legato. Is there a hidden controller for this? Perhaps something in SONAR? Or am I stuck with editing each note in the piano roll to avoid overlaps?

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    Re: Erm, polyphony?

    The initial version of GPO4 does not allow the user to adjust polyphony unless an adventurous user wishes to explore sfz file editing. GUI adjustability is planned for a future update. Until then, you will indeed need to edit for minimal overlaps to get the most convincing results with cc64 legato. The present (essentially unrestricted) instrument polyphony is a necessary default compromise to allow consistent performance for auto-legato and other requirements like Akai EWI compatibility.


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    Re: Erm, polyphony?

    Well, phooey. For the moment, AL is sufficient for my purposes, and if that fails I still have the KP2 version installed. But, I'll certainly be eager for that update.

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    Re: Erm, polyphony?

    So, the sounds were redone in sfz format for GPO4?

    Are the waves available for editing, or are they still in a locked format?

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