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Topic: Prologue [Orchestral]

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    Prologue [Orchestral]

    Hey Everyone,

    I recently just finished my mix of an orchestral piece I wrote for my college orchestra to read. Although the reading went fine, there was so much missing from the recording I received of the reading that I felt compelled to make my own mockup. This is my first "real" venture into mixing--although I have tried to before, I never have spent as much time into the actual mixing process as I have for this mockup. I'd love to hear what you think, and enjoy!!


    I am currently cleaning up the score, and I will post it up once I'm finished.


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    Re: Prologue [Orchestral]

    I think this is an interesting piece. It's a bit Stravinsky. The orchestration and sound are very good, at some points spectacular. I can't quite analyze the instrument combination at the end, but it sounds gorgeous. I think you've written quite a nice piece, although I can hear why the orchestra would have a hard time. Anyway, this performance no longer needs a live recording: it's good as it is.

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    Re: Prologue [Orchestral]

    Fine writing! Interesting tone colors. I enjoyed your work.

    Rather disappointing ending. I would have gone for "the big spectalular".

    What sample libraries did you use, if you don't mind telling us?

    Thanks for posting.

    Larry G. Alexander

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