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Topic: Soundfonts vs Giga

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    Soundfonts vs Giga

    I downloaded some soundfonts from emu of
    Grand piano and some protheus demo.
    I converted them into Giga with the Giga
    But allas.
    The sounds are no near to original giga samples.
    there is a background low level hisssss
    and its not as clean as one expects.
    Is it normal, or is there a way around?
    Should I adjust something?
    Should soundfonts sound as good as
    the protheus sounds itself, or as good
    as a corresponding Giga sample sounds?
    Are there better ways to play sound fonts so they are cleaner and
    There are a few very cheap sound fonts CDs in the
    soundfont.com but if I cannot enjoy high class quality, whats the point?

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    Re: Soundfonts vs Giga

    I can\'t tell you exactly what happened but I use Chicken Systems translator for GigaStudio target sampler. Much better results that the Nemesys builtin conversion.


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    Re: Soundfonts vs Giga

    But thats another $100
    I hope somebody from Tascam can help

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    Re: Soundfonts vs Giga

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by eilamgross:
    But thats another $100
    I hope somebody from Tascam can help

    I doubt you\'re going to find \"cheap\" samples that compare to the quality of GigaStudio native libraries from good developers.

    There is no inherent problem in the Soundfont to Giga conversion process which would add hiss. If the samples are hissing, then they\'re probably hissy samples.

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