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Topic: Using GPO4 with Kontakt - possible?

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    Question Using GPO4 with Kontakt - possible?


    I have bought GPO4 and once I got it up and running - I fell in love with it

    It is really a great library - but one question bothers me.

    GPO4 is Aria based GPO3 is NI Kontakt based. Now I am an owner of Kontakt 3.5, which means that I would have been able to programm some automation scripts for the bow articualtions with the string instruments for example.

    That would make my life easier - programm once use it everywhere

    So am I allowed to also use GPO3 though I have bought GPO4? As far as I know the only new samples are some brass samples - the string samples remained the same.

    Or is it possible to get just the nki patches (assuming that Garritan did not change its sample file structure GPO4 samples may still work with nki patches)?

    Is there a way for me to still use the power of the full Kontakt version?

    Thx again for help

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    Re: Using GPO4 with Kontakt - possible?

    You can still mix and match both the ARIA and NI versions. They are 2 totally different installs.


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    Re: Using GPO4 with Kontakt - possible?

    GPO (all versions) does contain some alternating short bow string instruments. Try these out and see if they solve your plight before getting knee-deep in KSP

    The patches are the Short Bow KS instruments. There's also a keyswitch for them on the Master KS instrument (usually the D-switch).

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    Re: Using GPO4 with Kontakt - possible?

    I have tried out the alternating patches - they work fine - thx.

    So regarding to my experience with GPO4 up to now - there is really no need for me to dig into programming Kontakt scripts.

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