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Topic: Omnisphere midi learn problem

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    Omnisphere midi learn problem

    Hi all,

    I use Omnisphere with latest patches, Cubase 5 and CME UF8 keyboard.
    Is it possible for Omnisphere to learn the inc and dec buttons on the UF8 keyboard to browse sounds?

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    Re: Omnisphere midi learn problem

    There's even a tutorial from Spectrasonics showing how to do it. In the video it's on another midi controller but I'm sure it'll work the same way for you.
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    Re: Omnisphere midi learn problem

    As far as I know, Omni's browser doesn't respond to PC (Program Change) messages - which is what those buttons on the CME send.

    You can either sacrifice 2 keys, which you can MIDI-Note-learn to the browser buttons, or find a MIDI plug-in that translates PC messages into CC or Note messages. Though the latter might be difficult, because PC messages are absolute numbers - not increment/decrement. But translation for one direction only can be done.

    If you're on Windows, there's also the UF editor, provided by CME, which can translate the controller messages. But I don't recall if the program change buttons are covered by that.


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    Re: Omnisphere midi learn problem

    I see.

    Thank you. Omnisphere sound seem to be modern, but this UI - oh dear....
    I can not use computer keyboard, I can not use midi keyboard.

    I wish I could be able to grab those shiny virtual handles and toss this thing outta window.

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    Re: Omnisphere midi learn problem

    Actually you can use MIDI to control almost any aspect of Omnisphere.
    One of the few things that dont work are program changes which doesnt bother me because the large number of patches in Omnisphere can only be handled efficiently using the built in browser anyway.
    Also it would be kinda silly to toss a 400 euro piece of software out of the window.

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    Re: Omnisphere midi learn problem

    Pretty sure that there are buttons on the CME that send MIDI CCs (almost every MIDI keyboard can do this), so you can learn using CCs to do this.

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    Re: Omnisphere midi learn problem

    There's no single button on CME UF8 that sends Midi CC. Only Pitch Bend and ModWheel send CC. But those controls are not suitable for this kind of operation. I can sacrifice 2 keys, sure.

    Almost any keyboard has buttons that can send CC, maybe. But not CME UF8. I can also say that almost any sound module that accepts midi can handle Midi PC messages - in fact, that is the standard way to change sound with all sound modules, software or hardware, I've used. It would be interesting to know why Omnisphere does not support Program Change messages? There must be some good reason for that. It is also most strange that it is not possible to use keyboard to scroll presets. Why?

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    Re: Omnisphere midi learn problem

    Those inc/dec buttons only give you access to 128 program values. Omnisphere has 4000 patches.

    Simply right click on the down arrow button in the patch browser, choose "MIDI Note Learn", then press the lowest note on your midi keyboard. You can then step through the browser by pressing that key.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omnisphere midi learn problem

    hello everybody i am new hear and pretty depressed i own a remote zero sl use logic and seem to have loads of difficulty getting this going i hope somebody here is willing to level with me and help me out .I do not even know where to start ,all the over kill off info. It seems the controller and Omnisphere isnt such a good combo. Anyhow i oaded up this template http://www.novationmusic.com/communi...9f89f598c730b7
    thinking this would help ..but it doesnt work either !please like i said some help would be highly appreacheted

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    Re: Omnisphere midi learn problem

    Sorry i didnt want to take over the thread probably open a new one

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