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Topic: Omnisphere Bug?

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    Omnisphere Bug?

    When using Omnisphere within Live 8.04 on a Mac, I have Omnisphere setup on a midi track and in "Live Mode". Using Program Change messages to change patches, Live mode doesn't turn off the previous patch unless the plug-in window is turned on (at least once). Resulting in all patches to be activated as you move through the patch list. I forget which is latch and touch mode, but it works fine once you activate the plug in window.

    This is obviously a problem as I don't want to click on unnecessary windows as I switch Live Sets.

    Hopefully fixed soon.

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    Re: Omnisphere Bug?

    Yes, this is mentioned in the FAQs. However, this restriction where you must open the plugin window at least once has been removed for the next update.

    As a reminder for everyone, don't forget to visit the FAQs when you encounter a problem (support.spectrasonics.net).

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omnisphere Bug?

    Ah yes, I missed that. Sorry. Okay, any idea when that update will occur?

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