If any GS96 users are running out of notes on the HolyGrail Platinum piano (4 notes per note due to sympathetic resonance = 24-note poly in GS96, or 40-note poly in GS160), one interim fix that works is: Put GS96 on 2 computers, load up identical Grail Pianos, and split your controller keyboard into 2 zones. One zone\'s outport feeds PC#1, and the other PC#2. (Many of us - due to numerous upgrades getting Giga to work - have ended up with 2 decent PC\'s laying about).
Anyway, it isn\'t perfect, but, it brings GS96 up to 48 poly across the 88 notes. I further limit these zones by disabling the bottom and top octaves of the piano layers that push the Grails. Old outboard GenMusic & OB piano modules (64-poly & Padua sympathetics) fill in these areas & across all 88 as well. Adjust levels to balance. I often play a swing bass cluster, a 4-note jazz voicing, and a quick rh scale run, pedal phrase across 2 bars, and make mincemeat of 40 or 50 poly easily (40=160, 50=200), with this 4-notes-to-a-note HolyGrail. The Grail NEEDS a GS-320!!! Future sympathetic resonance pianos may have (should have) as many as 7 notes ringing in a note - the need will be even greater for higher poly. If guitar developers do the same, and we try running more than one instrument - well, one can see what would happen.

Anyone having interesting results with a Grail-GigaPiano, or Grail-Trachtman merge/layered hybrid? The latter is particularly rich (sympathetics from one, and huge samples from the other), and makes one wonder what a 1.5 Gig piano with full sympathetics will sound like. It will be awesome!!!

Happy music making!! -Stories.