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Topic: Choir Library Recommendations

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    Choir Library Recommendations

    i've got an upcoming project that is going to need some choir. the director is loving this sample (popol vuh's work for aguirre, the wrath of god):
    these are very mellotron-ish to me, but in the end i'm guessing the director will be wanting something "cleaner" than the roughness of the mellotron samples (i have g-force m-tron). what are everyone's favorite choir libraries? i probably won't need to construct words, just need a wide variety of oohs, ahhs, men, women, children... omnisphere, maybe? opinions welcome.

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    Re: Choir Library Recommendations

    Omnisphere has a ton of patches taken from Symphony of Voices. The most playable ones are included as well as some nice crescendo and effects. I think you will be very pleased with the sounds. Omnisphere in itself is a great value as well because it has a lot of content and a great interface to further enhance a sound to your liking.
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    Re: Choir Library Recommendations

    yeah, i'm leaning towards omnisphere...if i'm buying just for symphony of voices it'll be like getting all the rest for free (which is a lot of stuff). what a deal! anyone else? sample library addicts who can compare multiple libraries?

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    Re: Choir Library Recommendations

    +10 for Omnisphere. When tweaked right, the choirs in omnisphere can sound really really nice. And the best part is that you get a lot even in the the choirs alone.

    Here's a short list of what omnisphere offers for choir patches
    boys choir - ahs. ees, mms, oos, changing syllables, soloist
    men's choir - ahs, mms, ees, ohs, oos, swells, tenor soloist
    women's choir - ahs, mms, ohs, oos, swells, soprano soloist
    choral fx - clusters, gliding chords, warmups, a few phrases, slides, ligeti effects, whistling
    other stuff - gospel choir, gregorian choir, tuvan throat singers, pop voices

    I especially like the boys choir. All of them sound great and were obviously recorded by some of the best in the business (props to you eric). I would highly recommend it. Especially since I think EWQL Symphonic Choirs word phrasing sounds very artificial. (but I do like their voices of the apocalypse)

    Oh did I mention that Omnisphere does like MILLIONS of other stuff too?

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    Re: Choir Library Recommendations

    If you would want the Choir to sing lyrics in different languages, you should try Myriad Harmony Assistant with Virtual Singer.
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    Re: Choir Library Recommendations

    i recently bought the giovanni edition by bela d media, easily the best choir samples ive ever used, absolutley beautiful.

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    Re: Choir Library Recommendations

    Mixing Bela d's stuff with East west choirs would work magic i think

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    Lightbulb Re: Choir Library Recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by Heckler View Post
    Mixing Bela d's stuff with East west choirs would work magic i think
    I did it and I can confirm it works fantastic: the boys of Bela are simply as real as a real choir, and the bones provided by EWQLSC is actually state of the art.

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    Re: Choir Library Recommendations

    the bela d samples are great, but the project is still general enough that i can't commit to a specific age or gender yet.

    thanks everyone...sounds like omnisphere is the best option for a well rounded collection of choirs for this particular job. plus it comes with a few other things, or so i've heard.

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    Re: Choir Library Recommendations

    I use SOV, with some serious editing (removing the attack and release settings). The 5th CD contains some staccato and vibrato stuff that most users seem to miss. I have also created some useful layerings of SOV patches in GigaStudio. In short, I still love it - being not so much a fan of buying "instruments" in spite of Eric's excellent explanations for going this route. Still a samples man ;-)

    Then Vota can be still really useful, although its editing is not great, but combined/layered with my SOV patches it can sound great. Because a few Monks patches have some weird high frequency anomalies, I have been able to find it back in a few high end film scores (e.g. King Arthur by Zimmer).

    I also have the EWQLSO choirs but have not yet used them in tracks, but they also do sound great.

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