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Topic: ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

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    Question ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

    probably it has already been discussed, but sorry i didn't find it and search is not very useful with so generic input.

    Is it possible to activate PAN in Aria for the inported SFZ files?

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    Re: ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

    If no button for control panning for imported sfz files is showed in the GUI of ARIA, you can try editing the sfz file with a text editor and add this at the start:


    where "x" is a value from -100 to 100, where 0 is the center.

    Make a backup of your sfz file before.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

    A good template for SFZs that target the Aria Player would be something like this:

    set_cc10=64 //center

    pan_curvecc10=1 //internal curve (ARIA_CURVE_LINEAR_BIPOLAR)

    amplitude_curvecc7=4 //internal curve (ARIA_CURVE_CONCAVE)

    sample=*sine //ARIA internal sine oscillator
    David Viens, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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    Thumbs up Re: ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

    Thank you very much, that's quite helpful.

    I've some nice soundfont to import (eraly music sounds) and the SFZed editor will help.

    I will set it up to match the suggested parameters.

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    Re: ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

    I did the experiment and it works:

    just editing the sfz files made with the SFZed translator, with the <control> and <group> code lines suggested by David, makes the sliders and knob work in ARIA.

    (volume value is more complex to manage if the samples had already a volume edit, but the reference is good to know)

    then it's just the generic format of SFZed that need little tweaking before you can use it with all controls in ARIA.

    Good to know, thanks again david!

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    Re: ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

    I know nothing about SFZ files. Where can one get them?

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry G. Alexander View Post
    I know nothing about SFZ files. Where can one get them?

    Hi Larry, sorry for the ermetic language we used here, you are right.

    "SoundFont" was an old format for sample libraries, designed to fit in some sound cards and synthesizers.

    Software versions were produced later, and still are developed.

    Just for a summary (the story is on records, like WIKI for sure) you may find old libraries in SoundFont format with .sf2 suffix

    You can find some recent Cakewalk libraries with .sfz suffix.

    If you don't have any sfz file to import, nor old sf2 files, then you can simply ignore SFZ and the whole sound font story!...

    But if you like me want to import in aria some old file, you have the chance of translating it with some tools: the nice thing about the sfz, is that it is an open file format (it's a text file you can edit with wordpad or similar txt applications), so if you know some syntax rules (like David was suggesting) you may edit the sound without any sampler or editor, just typing in the code strings.

    That's not a user friendly stuff, and is needing as you can read above some experience, I had not for instance, and David told me about.

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    Re: ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

    Grazie! Thank you for all of the information.

    Regards and ciao,
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

    One reason this all matters is because there are literally thousands of Soundfonts that people have created and placed on the Internet for others to use. If you have a Creative Soundblaster card on your computer, you can load these soundfonts into them for playback of standard MIDI files. There are also a host of vst's that will play back soundfonts.

    More importantly, you can get samples of some of the more esoteric instruments and synthesizers. There's a website called sf2midi.com which is a repository for many of these soundfonts. A google search will turn up many more - some are really great.

    I have to say, though, that for wind instruments, I have struggled mightily with soundfonts and sfz's (similar to each other in function). I have not successfully edited a soundfont or sfz for legato playback.

    That being said, for synths and other keyboard instruments and percussion, there awaits a wealth of sound for anyone interested. A few examples - I wanted a hammered dulcimer, I found a pretty decent soundfont of one. I wanted a harpsichord with the release sample of the dropping plectrum - I found one of those.

    The fact that Aria can play back sfz format files is really cool for us sample geeks. Maybe I can get that legato mode to work for me now...

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    Re: ARIA SFZ inported. no panning possible?

    Veddy interesting! Thank you, Mister Peoria Dude.

    Larry G. Alexander

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