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Topic: Malmsjö OK without release samples?

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    Malmsjö OK without release samples?

    Im thinking about buying the Malmsjö Grand Piano...but,I just noticed that there are no release samples recorded. By the demos, I can\'t tell the difference. but can someone who has purchased this library talk a little bit about the lack of release samples, and how it effects the REALISM of the piano sound.


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    Re: Malmsjö OK without release samples?

    I don\'t know about the release samples, but the piano was sampled with all notes pedal down.
    I picked it up a few weeks ago, and I can say that it sounds beautiful. Dynamically I need to adjust my controller a little to take advantage of the pp to mf samples, but straight out of the box, I recorded a new piece with it, and it sounded terrific. If you are looking for a piano sample that is warm, nice round tone, great for solo piano pieces. this is it. Highly recommended, and Hans Adamson is a great guy to deal with. I\'m in Sweden at the moment, and have had the opportunity to play an upright Malmsjö in a local 16th century church, ang sound, even out of a little upright.


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