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Topic: OT-messages from the grave

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    OT-messages from the grave


    What else could one come up with? Just got an email from Wolfgang, forwarded by Ludwig, telling me not to mess up harmonies...... LOL


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    Re: OT-messages from the grave

    I noticed a free 30 day trial membership. For those good at planning ...
    Wider is better.

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    Re: OT-messages from the grave

    I just remembered that in the very old days, back in the 50-ties, my parents had some sort of a life insurance on my life, some nickles a week. Every week a representative came along to collect that money and put a stamp on a yellow card, proof that you had paid. The funny thing was that after I left the house to live with my wife, I still had that card, filled with stamps (by then they converted that "human payment" by some sort of an automated system. But the card had the text on it, and don't laugh

    "In case of being deceased, please phone our head office" .

    Nice to know, but what to do when you were single? Only, since a couple of days, one can send an email to the headquarters of that insurance company: "I am not longer on earth, please contact my guardian angel" .


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