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Topic: Working Virtual MIDI Ports/Cables for Windows 7?

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    Question Working Virtual MIDI Ports/Cables for Windows 7?


    I'm trying to get the Vienna Symphonic Library Performance Tool wired to work in Windows 7. The Performance Tool and VSL MIDI Router both work fine, but some of the virtual MIDI cables I have used on Windows XP don't work on Windows 7 (MIDI Yoke & Marble MIDI Tools).

    I need two set of virtual MIDI cables installed so I can route as follows:

    Hardware MIDI Input > Sequencer MIDI Track Input > Perf Tool-In > Perf Tool-Out > Sequencer VSTi (Giga Virtual Instrument) Input

    I'm running Reaper as my sequencer/VST host. The only MIDI input showing up is my soundcard's hardware input. The VSL MIDI outputs show up in Reaper's MIDI output list.

    In the Performance Tool, both the VSL MIDI Inputs and Outputs show up correctly, but I need another virtual MIDI cable to route everything. Is there a Windows 7-friendly virtual MIDI cable?

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    Re: Working Virtual MIDI Ports/Cables for Windows 7?

    LoopBe1/LoopBe30 reportedly runs on Vista. Might run on W7 as well.

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