Using Kontakt 2 Player in Finale 2008 (Win XP). I have two questions:

1. I see some practical benefit of using aux send rather than output faders/channels. Easier to fine-tune performance and assign & unassign effects/filters to instruments. I got that working and feel good. In my context inside Kontakt-Finale, are there other issues? What would you say is the difference between using these two different mechanisms for adding effects, filters, etc.?

2. The second question may be less Kontakt-specific. I see that when I edit some effects, I have dry/wet sliders. I thought if I moved them I'd see the other dials move (pre-delay, color, damping, etc.). I thought dry/wet were a *result* of parameters like that, but now I'm far from sure. I've read about it and I can hear it, but I'd like to understand it. What makes up the dry reading? the wet reading? Hotlinks will be gratefully accepted.

Many thanks,