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Topic: New choir?

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    New choir?

    I remember reading about a new choir library that was in the works. I would simply do a forum search, but my poor, poor 56k is being a pain at the moment.

    So anyway, who was working on it? And if I recall correctly, didn\'t someone state that the hopeful release date was Q1 2002? Is that still the case?

    How about a price range? In the $300-350 area, $500, or $700+?

    Will a boys choir be included?

    Reason I\'m asking is I\'ve been checking out both Rare Instruments and Symphony of Voices, both of which I need, but naturally luck has it that I can only afford one. And if a new choir CD is being released anytime between now and next spring, I\'d rather go for Rare Instruments first, and put off buying anything choir-related until I have more options than SoV and Enhanced Classical Choir.

    Thanks an oodle.

    Lance, professional forum lurker

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    Re: New choir?


    I\'m patiently waiting for new choir library as well...
    Yellowtools were talking about their Pure Choir, and as far as I remember they were saying that it will be available in Fall 2001, meaning now!
    But they released those bass libraries instead....


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