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Topic: Impressions after Buying the Library.

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    Impressions after Buying the Library.

    Some days ago I posted a message asking whether any of you users of this library thought I\'d be taking too big a risk to use it on a project where the client asked for \"real strings...no midi stuff.\"

    I bought the library, used it on the job, which is a national commercial with soaring string lines and warm \"pad\" type writing underneath, and everyone thinks it sounds wonderful.

    I was very impressed with the library, and having only gotten it a few days ago, haven\'t even scratched the surface yet. By combining different First and Second Vln patches I was able to build a sound that was completely convincing and saved me having to hire a string section that would have cost way more than the budget really allowed. And it sounds first class.

    This is the first library I\'ve purchased that is absolutely worth every penny spent, thoughtfully and lovingly put together...corny as that may sound...I think it was....with a wonderful manual and amazing attention to detail.

    Can\'t say enough great things about what Gary and the BETA team have done on this release....thanks to all. I\'m sure it will serve me well for many years.

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    Re: Impressions after Buying the Library.

    Hi Pat....I just posted it in the thread you mentioned.

    This is a commercial for the resort called \"Sandals,\" and is a cover of the song \"What the World Needs Now Is Love.\" It should begin airing nationally in a couple of weeks, maybe less...



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    Re: Impressions after Buying the Library.


    Which commercial? And would mind cross-posting your response to the \"TV shows and films featuring GOS?\" topic in the \"Garritan Orchestral Strings\" forum?



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    Re: Impressions after Buying the Library.

    Glad it worked out for you. GOS is a library that\'s deep and wide. It makes me wish there were more hours in my day.



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