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Topic: two-part GPO 4 installation question

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    two-part GPO 4 installation question

    Hi - Just upgraded on Mac PPC G5 OS 10.4.11. Right now, ARIA player doesn't seem to be able to find the GPO library. "GPO" does not come up as an option to load into the instrument slots as is illustrated in the manual -- the only options are "empty" "import" and "reload." (GPO Samples and ARIA folder are both in my Apps folder)

    Part 2 -- once I get the player to find the library, how can I move the library to an external drive? I tried this on my first couple of installation attempts and could not make it work, so I gave up. Surely this is possible? I don't really want all this stuff in my Applications folder, and I definitely want the samples on my 10,000 RPM drive. I could not find any info on this in the FAQ or even in the manual.


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    Re: two-part GPO 4 installation question

    ARIA tech support supplied me with a modified plist file which enabled the player to find the library, so now I just need help moving the library to a new location. Thanks.

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