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Topic: Question about the GPO4 four installation limit.

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    Question about the GPO4 four installation limit.

    I read the manual about the keycard installation process and am curious to know how it works in the long term.

    I will be installing GPO4 (along with Cubase) on three computers: my MacBook, my PC Laptop, and my PC studio computer. The studio computer is a little over two years old so I've decided to upgrade and rebuild it. (Most of my components are fine, so I'm just buying a new motherboard, processor, and memory, then I'll slick the hard drive and reload Windows.)

    Because I'm in the middle of a few projects right now, I won't be buying these PC components and rebuilding my system for about three weeks, but I'd like to put Cubase and GPO4 on it now so I can use it.

    My question is this: Since I'll be using three of the installations for my current computers and then the fourth one on the rebuilt computer, how do I reinstall the software if one of my computers crashes? Or how do I do it a few years from now when I upgrade or replace one of my laptops?

    I will never have GPO4 on more than three computers at once. if not for the new need for a Mac, I'd only have it on two. It's good to be versatile.

    (If this was covered somewhere previously and I missed it, please direct me to the appropriate thread.)


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    Re: Question about the GPO4 four installation limit.

    You're allowed GPO running on four machines simultaneously. There's no limit on how many times you can reinstall it, or change the four machines you have it on, etc.

    And as far as I can tell, there's nothing in the authorisation process that 'knows' how many machines it's already on, or whether any of those are reinstalls, etc. You simply supply your serial number - which you get on purchasing the software (i.e. not a challenge/response) - and get the jpg in response, so there's nothing specific to your hardware contained in the file (unless I'm missing something).

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