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Topic: I lost one of my hard drives (whine!)

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    Unhappy I lost one of my hard drives (whine!)

    I'm sure most if not all have experienced this, the loss of a hard drive.

    In this case, it was "Drive #3" on my MacPro computer. It was the drive that I used for ALL of my original composition sequencing projects since I owned this computer (purchased in the fall of 2007). What was ironic is that I was using that particular drive to "back up" my video hard disk drive (Drive #4) which was getting full. During that "back up" process, it ceased to work. The computer doesn't even recognized it anymore. OUCH!!

    And. . . doopey me. . . I did not back up my sequencing projects. At present, they're lost. Luckily, I DID back up the mix-down of my sequenced compositions. Oh! I still have the the compositions all written down on manuscript paper. But hours and hours and hours of work is lost (at present). I plan on taking the broken hard drive to a computer repair shop in hopes that they can retrieve the data. I ain't going to hold my breath, though. This wasn't the first time that this happened to me. The last time I lost a hard disk drive and took it for repair, they were not able to fix the drive and thus not able to retieve the data.

    Ouch. . .

    So. . . FOLKS. . . please learn a lesson from this very doopey fella: BACK UP YOUR IMPORTANT PROJECTS! (Don't pull a "Ted" and neglect to back up your precious music. )

    Sigh. . . . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: I lost one of my hard drives (whine!)

    There are products now that take the hassle out of backing up by doing it all on line for you behind the scenes. I use Carbonite - it is excellent and pain free, automatically backing any files that change. I also have an external disk drive automatically being backed up all the time, but the online version is the one that removes any stress. And it only costs about $50 per annum or less.

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    Re: I lost one of my hard drives (whine!)

    That really bums me way down. I do hope you have some success retrieving your data. I paid to recover mine several years ago. Good luck.
    I second Alan's online backup recomendation--I use mozy.com. 2 Gigs free or pay for more.

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    Re: I lost one of my hard drives (whine!)


    I remember having both of my backup drives fail at the same time - probably something I did. I still use 2 backup drives and have been using SyncbackSE, after using the free version, which is just about as good. SyncbackSE has a fast backup option, and lots of configuring options for individual file backups and is only $30.

    However, TED you said the drive isn't recognized. Just a thought, but a couple months back my computer didn't recognize both my hard drives, and I thought not again! I think I got an error message and told a computer repair shop about the problem. They said bring it in and come back in 2 hours and it would be fixed for $40. Before doing this, I went to the Microsoft site, typed in the problem and they had a download that automatically fixed the problem in a minute or two.

    In any case good luck!
    Wider is better.

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    Re: I lost one of my hard drives (whine!)

    Believe it or not, I JUST purchased a 1 TB external drive to back up important files. I actually have about 6 external drives that are loaded with old, backed-up files that I've created throughout the years. However, they are old files that are related to our small business (TOO LIVE NURSE).

    For some unknown reason, I never backed-up any of the files located on that particular drive. Dopey, dopey me!! ACK!!!

    Well. . . I'm going to use that "just purchased" 1 TB external drive and back-up like crazy.

    The loss of those files really saddens me.

    But. . . Life goes on. In the scheme of things, life could very easily deal a much more powerful blow. So, it's "Live and Learn", and hopefully NOT repeat the same mistake. Again.

    Happy composing, folks. And remember to back up your projects!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: I lost one of my hard drives (whine!)


    I have found the Ubuntu Live CDs to be very good when it comes to recovering data from hard drives that a Windows PC doesn't even see.
    Often it's a only partition table error keeping the drive from being recognized.
    It's quite possible this will work in your situation also.

    A tip: Have an other drive ready to where you will move the data if you want to recover the data.

    After that:
    Since your mac can't see the drive then you might need to read up on "The Grub" or find some free 3rd party Linux or MAC drive / partition manager and delete the bad partition before then seeing if mac can then see a drive with unallocated space on it. If so then repartition the drive and run a full test on it before trusting it again.

    If you lived around the corner I'd invite you over and ask you to bring your drive. We'd hook it up to my server, boot the server to Ubuntu and know in 5 minutes or so if your data was recoverable with little effort.
    In cases where the drive isn't "physically" damaged I've always been successful in this type of recovery.

    For a new user it's as simple as just browsing around, finding your files and copying them to an external drive or an other internal drive.
    The hardest part might just be figuring out which drive is which, but that is usually cured by just looking at the files on the drive and remembering where they are when your in your "normal" OS.

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    Smile Re: I lost one of my hard drives (whine!)


    Don't throw away the drive or do anything to damage it. I don't know what your technical level is with Linux, but it is possible to retrieve the data. I just took a course on Forensics and the emphasis was on getting data off of a drive. The textbook for the course was this one:


    However, it is not for the newbee. If you are a techie type, I can highly recommend this book. In short, you use dd from the linux platform to create an image of the drive, then using the Sleuth toolkit, you can pull files out of the drive image. It's a much easier process if the drive will mount in the original PC.

    BTW, our course assignment (due in Sept) is to examine an image file that we have been given. We don't know anything about the drive but we have to fiddle around and find incriminating files. Files could be hidden in "empty" sectors on the hard drive too, or in the master boot record. All of this is geeky fun (at least for me ).


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