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Topic: Period Instruments

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    Period Instruments

    Any recommendations for period instruments - thinking Baroque, Renaissance, real wooden clarinets and oboes and strings played in period ways?

    I have the Early Patches CD, and the samples are reasonable, but since they are soundfonts there is virtually no programming, like LEGATO, which is a must-have for me.

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    Re: Period Instruments

    I believe that Impact Soundworks had expressed some interest on another forum in doing an Early Music library. Don't know whatever came of it. It is definitely needed.

    The Bela D Media Spiritual Winds & Celtic Winds libraries feature what would definitely qualify as early wind instruments if you are looking for that.

    Finally, MOTU Symphonic has some early patches, but definitely no legato programming to speak of whatsoever.

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    Re: Period Instruments

    I programmed some legato importing Early Patches in Kontakt 2.

    But doing it with the simple processing of non-legato samples produces quite questionable results: reeds technic for soft tonguing is what the real player does on a Schaum or Rauchpfife, and it's quite difficult to imitate.

    More or less the same with recorders and flutes even if it's a little easier.

    Finally I had the best results working only on the attack strenght: if you modulate with envelop the attack, and make it softer for the legato phrase, the realism is better. But I never take the time to adapt the "autolegato" script to this feature...lazy me.

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    Re: Period Instruments

    Speaking of harpsichords (them being string instruments as well), there's Realsamples.They sampled quite a few historical instruments at a very high quality. Here's their link: http://www.sampling-cds.com/
    Also don't forget to try excellent free harpsichord libraries at http://sonimusicae.free.fr/accueil-en.html

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    Re: Period Instruments

    Anyone mentioned Sackbuts yet?

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    Re: Period Instruments

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulR View Post
    Anyone mentioned Sackbuts yet?
    This is simply my dream.... I read the word "sackbuts" in a library years ago...but it was an old one with poor sampling and no programming...

    If somebody knows, please post!

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