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Topic: Protheus etc to Giga

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    Protheus etc to Giga

    Are there samples of the protheus sounds or the virtuoso
    in Giga format?

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    Re: Protheus etc to Giga

    E-mu/Ensoniq/Creative have a site called Soundfont.com, and they just released two downloadable 32 MB orchestral soundfont banks. One is section strings, the other is solo strings, brass, percussion, and winds. Sound familiar? These are the two ROM boards that make up the Virtuoso model, in soundfont format, for $40 each. The GS editor can import Soundfonts, so you are in luck. These aren\'t going to be the best samples you can buy... far from it, I think. However, they are almost assured to be the best set of orchestral samples you can buy for $80. I almost feel bad for a mac-based friend of mine who sprang for the Virtuoso module.

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    Re: Protheus etc to Giga

    Indeed there are lots of Protheus soundfonts. However see another topic I opened regarding this.
    Thanks for your answer.

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