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Topic: Symphobia

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    Been out of the loop for ages and so I want to ask a couple of questions to get back on track. Does Symphobia contain the same Project SAM brass library with nothing cut down? Or is it actually more than that? Also is there any upgrade path if I already own Project SAM Horns? (probably not).

    One more thing is Symphobia a fear of orchestral music or what? No don't answer that. :P

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    Re: Symphobia

    Symphobia doesn't contain any of the original Project Sam brass library. Everything in Symphobia is made from new recordings. There is very nice brass in Symphobia but it's recorded in large sections, ensembles, and many patches made specifically for orchestral effects (rips, clusters, etc).

    Project Sam brass, as an additional library, works beautifully with Symphobia.

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    Re: Symphobia

    Thanks for your help.

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