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Topic: (Auto)-tuning stereo ?

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    (Auto)-tuning stereo ?

    We are looking for an autotuner, able to tune STEREO files. So far, we tried the Antares Autotune (mono). This one, however, tends to \"mess up\" the reverb tails (pitch fluctuation!).

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: (Auto)-tuning stereo ?

    Hi Maarten,

    The newly released version of Antares Auto Tune (3.0+) will handle stereo files nicely. It has improved algorithms to customize the tuning properties.

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    Re: (Auto)-tuning stereo ?

    Autotune and other real-time auto-pitch-correctors (stereo or mono) won\'t know what to do with reverb tails. It works best on monophonic sources with a discernably periodic waveform. It could be the the reverb signal is too complex for Autotune to know what to do with it.

    You might want to try some of the other pitch shifting programs that are NOT automatic, like pitch \'n time. That software (ProTools only, but if you have access to a Mac it will work with the free version) has extremely high quality pitch shifting and time compression/expansion - I\'ve heard it on tracks with reverb and they sound great. The drawback is you have to tune your samples by ear.

    Hope this helps
    - Chris

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    Re: (Auto)-tuning stereo ?

    Are you trying to tune complex waveforms? Autotune 3 doesn\'t do an exceptable job with a section of instruments for instance. I used Autotune on a couple of solo trumpet samples and it worked quite well.

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    Re: (Auto)-tuning stereo ?

    Yes, I want to try autotuning on section instrument wavefiles. Some notes tend to slowly bend a little downwards, esp. in the higher registers. We can\'t tune through time manually, so to me autotuning (pitch-detection and correction through time) seemed the only solution.

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    Re: (Auto)-tuning stereo ?

    ... and a lot of work, too!

    Still it\'s something to keep in mind, yes.

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    Re: (Auto)-tuning stereo ?

    Hi Maarten, I think you can use Soundforge very well for this. It has a graphic interfcae that lets you draw a \'tuning curve\'so to speak. You have to use your ears (or hire a good musician) to do this. But this function works well for complex waveforms.

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    Re: (Auto)-tuning stereo ?


    The lastest issue of Future Music (FM115) has a review of a new Mac package called Melodyne by Celemony. From the review and vocal examples on the attached CD it sounds like it does an excellent job (except at very extreme settings of course)...

    The idea behind the software is to analyse the sound, pitch and formants and once it\'s done to let you adjust the tuning (or even tempo) individually whilst retaining the character of the sound.

    There is a web site at http://www.celemony.com with some examples of it in action. The brass examples are quite impressive...

    Maybe it can be of use to you,


    PS there is no mention of stereo processing on the site but the examples include arrangements and also it works with multi-tracks so presumably you could treat stereo files as two tracks (only guessing here)

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