Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of submitting the press release for Signature Piano, the new virtual C7 from K-Sounds, and I thought you might enjoy the read.


K-Sounds has released Signature Piano, a Kontakt-format virtual C7 designed with a focus on sound quality and playability.

Signature Piano’s sample data was recorded and edited at 176.4kHz, 24 / 32 bits, then converted to 44.1kHz, 24 bits for the final product. The stereo image is wide, centered, and mono-compatible. Every note has a generous, natural-sounding sustain.

Adding a lush quality to pedal-sustained notes, Signature Piano provides true samples of the sympathetic string resonance heard when a piano’s damper pedal is pressed. The resonance is presented as an independent component of the instrument, allowing pianists to pedal freely. Even if notes are already held when the pedal is pressed, resonance for those notes will still sound.

Playability is a top priority in Signature Piano’s design. The instrument was constantly played during its development to ensure that it responds dynamically and musically. For compatibility with a wide range of keyboard controllers and playing styles, Signature Piano allows users to easily adjust the instrument’s dynamic range and touch response. Users can draw their own unique velocity curve directly on the instrument’s interface.


Stereo samples up to 11 velocities.
Unlooped, full decay up to 20 seconds.
Recorded and edited at 176.4kHz, 24 / 32 bits. Presented at 44.1kHz, 24 bits.
Mono-compatible wide stereo image.
True sampled “damper pedal” sympathetic string resonance with independent pedal response.
Release resonance samples.
Hammer and damper noise samples.
On / off and volume controls for damper resonance, release resonance, and noises.
Highly adjustable touch response.
Integrated 3-band EQ.
Big “studio” sound with modest 2.6Gb storage requirement.
Designed to be immediately playable.

Signature Piano is available now at K-Sounds as a download. A DVD version will be available soon.