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Topic: GPO4 - thank you Plogue

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    GPO4 - thank you Plogue

    I'm a long-time user of GPO under Kontakt, and found their technical support, if I could get any help at all, useless, confusing, high-handed and off-handed.

    I'm finding GPO4 (as well as the new Garritan Steinway) completely trouble-free and a breeze to set up, and just wanted to place a massive vote of thanks here for Plogue already posting helpful suggestions direct to new users on this forum.

    This is how things are supposed to work, and almost never do.

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    Re: GPO4 - thank you Plogue

    I fully agree and would like to add to the vote of thanks

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    Re: GPO4 - thank you Plogue

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisW View Post
    I fully agree and would like to add to the vote of thanks
    Hi everyone.

    OK, so what is your experience with Aria so far? I still use Kontact Player 2.4 and am managing to get some satisfactory results, though I still in a learning phase after beginning to work with GPO/JABB in January 2009. What I find good with Kontact Player is the mixer and possibilities to tweak the samples to a more or less realistic instrument specific sound.

    What about Aria? Could you elaborate a bit?

    Thanx ahead, Sylva.

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    Thumbs up Re: GPO4 - thank you Plogue

    I found the latest Kontakt-2 update for GPO very convoluted and complicated to use and I was only too happy to learn that Garritan planned to use another, independently-developed, sample engine with future updates.

    Firstly, I checked that I had finished all outstanding arrangements with the old GPO, so as not to have any need for the old version at a later time.

    Subsequently, I ripped out all previous instances of GPO/GPO Studio in order to make room for GPO4 and avoid any compatibility issues, should these arise later, and I then proceeded with the update and installation of GPO4.

    Firstly, I found the registration procedure for GPO4 very easy and straightforward. This had been an issue in the past with the Kontakt-2 version of GPO, as my music DAW is not permanently connected to the Internet.

    Secondly, the good manners continued with the first few experiments - everything worked as expected in my Cubase Studio 4, and the sound of the instruments also seems to have been polished even more than they were in the earlier instances, although I guess that this must be a sample engine issue (Native Instruments could learn a thing or two here, I am sure!).

    The user interface is so much easier to get about now - very good layout!

    However, I wonder what has happened to the ensembles in GPO4...?

    Apart from that little detail, I am very pleased with my upgrade, and would recommend it to any interested user of the earlier GPO versions.

    Thank you, Garritan!

    regards, Nils K

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    Re: GPO4 - thank you Plogue

    Quote Originally Posted by Nils K View Post
    However, I wonder what has happened to the ensembles in GPO4...?
    The ensemble files are in (drum roll!) . . . the "Ensembles" folder. When using them in the plugin version of ARIA just drag and drop a file onto the ARIA interface and all instruments will load automatically. And they'll load much faster than in Kontakt too. Just for clarity's sake: The "Ensembles" used to be called "Multis" in Kontakt.


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    Re: GPO4 - thank you Plogue

    Thank you for clarifying that. I'll have to get used to the "drag'n drop" technique... used to menus and shortcuts as I am.

    regards, Nils K

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    Re: GPO4 - thank you Plogue

    And note: if you want to create your own ensembles, you'll have to do it in the standalone version, because the plugin has no facility for saving them. (That's temporary, I hope!) And that means that you can't save output channel assignments along with your ensemble, because the standalone is restricted to channels 1/2.
    Canberra, Australia

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