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Topic: GPO4 - Star Wars

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    Arrow GPO4 - Star Wars

    Here are two pieces from John Williams' Star Wars Suite. These were rendered using the new GPO4 with Aria and Overture 4.1. Thanks to Gary, Plogue and all those who worked so hard to make GPO4 possible.


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    Re: GPO4 - Star Wars

    Wow! Very cool, definitely brought back memories of that old classic SW feel Lovely work although I felt the instruments could've stood out a bit (I mean separately). Hope this makes any sense.. it all felt too blended, but just a bit. Imperial March just rocks all the time :P
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    Re: GPO4 - Star Wars

    Quote Originally Posted by valhalx View Post
    Here are two pieces from John Williams' Star Wars Suite. These were rendered using the new GPO4 with Aria and Overture 4.1. Thanks to Gary, Plogue and all those who worked so hard to make GPO4 possible.


    Bill, nice work. Just a couple suggestions:

    The winds at the beginning could stand to be mixed a little bit further back as in the real performance they are overshadowed by the brass and strings.

    Brass sound really nice! Especially that pedal in the trombones after the Main Theme transition to the Blockade Runner music. Awesome!

    A tad more reverb on the whole piece would be nice but I'm used to hearing this with a lot of ambience.

    Nice job overall though!

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    Re: GPO4 - Star Wars

    this is awesome!!! i loved it yesterday and i love it today. i am amazed that this was done with a notation program.

    the strings, and the runs especially, sound incredible. the trumpets are great also.

    i do agree with the comment about moving the woodwinds a little back, but even if it stays as is you should be very happy with the rendering.

    i want to hear E.T. - Adventures on Earth next!!!!
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: GPO4 - Star Wars

    I like your work just the way it is. Fine rendering job, Mister Bill! Enjoyed both very much.

    Best Regards,
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: GPO4 - Star Wars

    Very nice. I have some of these scores and have thought about rendering them, but alas I don't need to now

    Very nice with the balance and articulations. Couple of questions. How much "tweaking" did you do outside of straight notation? Also did you compare your rendering with a recording to match. Some of the brass lines were spot on to my liking. Very nice all around.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: GPO4 - Star Wars


    A really GREAT GPO4 demo. I loved every minute of your
    mock-up and am impressed with your use of Overture 4.1 Just
    really awesome.


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    Re: GPO4 - Star Wars

    Bill I love these versions! I wouldn't change anything as that would be just a technical exercise and your renderings are what you wanted to achieve.

    Posting such familiar pieces of music is going to have everybody chime in with how it should be done but now worries, very enjoyable.

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    Re: GPO4 - Star Wars


    Cool stuff! As others have mentioned, the woodwinds are a little loud. I think GPO4's volume balance is not really true to concert/recording hall acoustics. In such settings the woodwinds can be largely drowned out by the strings and brass. You might try turning their volume down a bit (CC#7 that is, not CC#1).

    I feel like you could get a lot more "bite" out of the brass. Are you using the SAM section samples? You could incorporate some of the overlays at points as well, but conservatively. I find the SAM section samples often make the overlay samples redundant. Also, experiment with shorter articulations (staccato) and higher note velocities. Notation programs will by default render wind passages with full or nearly full note durations, producing an unrealistic legato sound. There should be a marked difference between non-legato (tongued) passages and slurred passages. A little dynamics adjustment would also go a long way: make passages sound less static by throwing hairpins all over the place. Seriously, it's not good notation but it sounds more natural because performers don't tend to play entire lines at the exact same volume. Dramatic gestures like fp + crescendo would be great, and I think there are a few of those in the Star Wars Suite. Listen to recordings for comparison (ideally the original film recordings, not recordings by other orchestras, which are sometimes great but oftentimes quite terrible).

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    Re: GPO4 - Star Wars

    Excellent job on these, William!

    I like the somewhat more classically oriented interpretation
    a great deal... with better clarity of line and cleaner, more
    musically sensible performance than most recordings I've

    One of the hazards of interpreting a piece like this is the
    expectation of the listener, having heard the movie score
    versions probably hundreds of times (this is possibly one
    of the best known of modern movie scores)... but I think
    you've done a solid job of taking this to the concert

    Well done!


    David Sosnowski

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