Hello everybody, Gamemaster1379 here (Yes, I know my screename is missing a 7, hopefully an administrator will fix it soon ). A friend and I are big fans of the website Zelda Reorchestrated (zreomusic.com), and are additionally Metroid fans, and a little while ago, I came up with the idea of MREO, or Metroid Reorchestrated. At first it was a pipe dream, but after asking around on the idea, I got quite a bit of positive feedback, even from the webmaster of ZREO, FireGS. I've also gotten quite a bit of support from other fans of Metroid, and even have a friend who was able to make an excellent layout (unfortunately, I can't let you all see it...yet , but I assure yout it's excellent.

In any case, we have everything setup...except for our team to assist with the REOs, arrangements, etc. We have a few people helping out, but not enough for an organized team. We're looking to have a main team no less then ...maybe 5-7 people (but we're not limiting ourselves to just this, the more the merrier.

Right now, the team has no preference on what game we work on in Metroid, but there is a heightened interest from users for Super Metroid and the Prime Trilogy, so I'm assuming that'll be the main games we'll be working from.

Our hope is to turn this
into something like
(Example of some of our current members work)