i have re installed omnisphere onto my second hardrive and by doing so i had to get a new response code from the website . after i pasted it into its place i am instructed to close omnisphere and re open it. but when i do so it opens the same window and says to insert the response code. i guess it is not recognizing the code number. so what do i do? do i try to go to the spectrasonics website and get another response code or what. as of now i am dead in the water, please help, rickjr i forgot to mention the first time i opened omni a notice popped up and said--- cannot open multi C:\program files\spectrasonics\steam\omnisphere/defaults/default.mlt_omn. i then opened omni but it was blank with no patches. so i closed it and re opened it but had to start over again with the authorization process. i went to your website and got another respond code and tried it again but with the same results. please help rickjr