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Topic: Spontaneous Volume Drops

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    Spontaneous Volume Drops

    Is anyone else getting the problem where an instrument in ARIA suddenly drops in volume, or even drops out. I always got this problem in Kontakt, and assumed it was a bug specific to NI, but I'm still getting it.

    I have to say I'm running ARIA in a version of Cubasis, that came with GPO1 about a million years ago, and I'm using ASIO4All. I'm also using a Cubasis file that I wrote for Kontakt GPO, and have simply replaced Kontakt with ARIA, so if the problem were in the MIDI tracks it would still be there.

    All in all there are a whole load of variables to close down - I just wondered if anyone else had had the problem already.

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    Re: Spontaneous Volume Drops

    Hello David,

    I have never had this problem at all with Kontakt (neither the Kontakt Player nor the full Kontakt) so I don't think this is a bug with NI. The Cubasis you're using is an early version and, although many people use ASIO4All, there are isolated reports of issues with this so. Personally, I don't think that ASIO4All functions fully in every setup and is often more of a compromise.

    For what it's worth, I would guess that your drop-out problems are more likely to be the early version of Cubasis and/or ASIO4All.

    I have always used my instruments in Finale and Sonar (currently Finale 2010 and sonar 8) without any of the problems you mention.

    Sorry I can't be of any more help and I hope you find the solution.
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