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Topic: JABB + KP2 + Horns = Solo only?

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    JABB + KP2 + Horns = Solo only?

    According to the manual:

    "All horns are programmed to be monophonic-only instruments. They only play one note at a time, as with real horns being played with normal techniques." (p. 23)

    So, if I want polyphony (which, for my current project in Finale, I do), I'm out of luck? It looks like that in Kontakt Player 2, there is no "mono" mode like there is in Kontakt 3 that you can override—is this right?

    Thanks for any enlightenment/help!
    Moogie X. Fashbaw

    MacPro 2x2.66 GHz Dual Core
    3 GB RAM
    Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

    Garritan Personal Orchestra (KP 2.2.4)
    Garritan Jazz & Big Band (KP 2.2.4)
    Kontakt 3.5.0
    Finale 2009 r.2
    Logic Express 8.0.2


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    Will ruin my lovely day
    I just those fears into the engines
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    Re: JABB + KP2 + Horns = Solo only?

    Hi Moogie,

    Load the "Lite" versions. These have polyphony and are handy for section part sketches.


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