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Topic: GPO3, 4 and Sibelius6

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    GPO3, 4 and Sibelius6

    By upgrading from GPO3 to GPO4, will I receive ALL the samples in GPO4 or only the new/changed from GPO3?


    I own Sibelius 6.0.1 and GPO3 (with Kontakt Player). I'm interested upgrading to GPO4, but I wish to continue using GPO3 and KP in Sibelius.
    Is it possible? Or when I upgrade from GPO3 to GPO4 something in GPO3/KP (used in Sibelius) doesn't work anymore?

    Thank you

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    Re: GPO3, 4 and Sibelius6

    GPO4 is 100% independent of GPO3. Both will work side by side. Sib6 uses Kontakt exactly as it did in Sib5. GPO4/ARIA has no impact on GPO3/Kontakt at all.

    Sib6 currently doesn't autoload instruments for GPO4, but a fix is in the works.

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    Re: GPO3, 4 and Sibelius6

    Thank you very much Craig; I'll upgrade soon!

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