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Topic: Damped string bass pizzicato

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    Damped string bass pizzicato

    It seems like I have more different string bass libraries than any other. One of them has damped pizzicato in addition to the non-damped pizzicato instruments.

    I'm wondering about the mechanics of how the damped sound is achieved in pefornance when a bass is played live. How does the musician create the sound? Is he doing it with his palm on the strings, the fingers doing he plucking or those on the fret?

    I guess what I really want to know is if it is more difficult to play passages where the sound is damped, and does it take longer to execute, than if he just lets all the strings vibrate until they are plucked again? More to the point: should I use the damped instrument for relatively slow moving passages and the normal pizz for the faster moving parts? Or do I need to worry about this at all? I just noticed that the damped instruments seemed to have a bit more pointed sound that gives a little more definition than the non-damped version, which would be more appropriate in some sections of this piece - but they are rather fast moving.

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    Re: Damped string bass pizzicato

    ejr, the sound can both be dampened by returning the plucking finger to the string or by releasing the finger of the left hand - not fully but enough to dampen the sound. In practise it will often be a combination of both. As a rule of thumb a good player can synchronize this well enough to play eighth notes, if you want it faster it depends on the case.

    Often the dampened sound is used for faster passages and the sustained pizz for slower ones. It is not uncommon to vibrate the pizz on longer notes btw.
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    Re: Damped string bass pizzicato

    Thanks. I wasn't quite sure how this works in practice. Theoretically, I've been thinking the damped would be better for fast passages because the sound has a shorter decay. But, if it takes longer to play each note, I was thinking the opposite might be true. So, I guess, it will work up to a point, as long as I don't make it too fast.

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