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Topic: Sample Dat file

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    Sample/macros file

    Okay so I Installed GPO 4 per the instructions. However when I try to open ANY instrument i get a message about macros not being found. the list varies from instrument to instrument. In my uncompress install directory there is a samplesdata directory. Does this need to be copied somewhere to make this work?

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    Re: Sample Dat file

    Anyone ? at this point I have a useless program. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the same results.

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    Re: Sample Dat file

    SamplesData contains the compressed audio files.
    You can delete it after a successful install.

    How do you load an instrument in the ARIA Player?

    Do you have a GPO entry on the instrument slot menu?
    It should be:

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    Re: Sample Dat file

    Did you do what I did and try to install from the zip file. It doesn't work - you must unzip first or you don't get the sample files.
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    Re: Sample Dat file

    No I have it unzipped in an install directory which is where I ran the install.

    And yes I have the entry but when I attempt to import or reload I get the macro error messages. It is all quite frustrating. i will uninstall and reinstall again. Maybe third time is the charm.

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    Re: Sample Dat file

    This is how to load the Bb Clarinet Solo:

    The import entry is to load other/external sfz files.

    If you don't have the GPO entry in your menu, please contact aria.support by running Report Technical Issue in the ARIA Player folder.
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