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Topic: Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)

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    Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)

    Hello all,

    It's been time since I last posted here, although I've been lurking around. Time to share quite a bit of (old and new) news and my experiences in the time between forums.

    First of all, you probably know I moved to Greece so that's fine and very old news by now.

    But I also managed to get a grand from EU, of around $35,000 non tax deductable to build a studio. And a studio did I build!

    Earthworks Audio QTC40 mics and Grace Design M201 preamp!

    my... office chair (double screens can also be seen)

    My bookcase with music related books and CDs. (what else?)

    I did rent a place, worked on it, along with various workers and fixed the place acoustically and everything else. My impression of my music has deteriorated dramatically actually! Now I can hear everything so clearly and placed correctly that I'm quite sad by the results! LOL! Hopefully I will get better in time.

    But I'm a very happy puppy with this.


    I also got a few gigs from advertising companies here in Greece, which means money (late, but never the less money). I didn't want to share anything in the listening room since it's not done with any Garritan product, but I worked on a Pampers promo DVD and wrote 43 minutes of music in 20 days (which in my books is quite impressive). Quality is not superb, but the clients were certainly happy!


    Now I want to publicly thank David Mayson (Pingu), who helped me enormously with the proof reading of my commentary for the PhD.

    I'm in the very last steps of the PhD, having completed all composing, printing, writting, editing, proof reading. There are very tiny bits remaining and I should submit any day now.

    I wanted to finish before going to vacation, but alas it was impossible to do so, so I left it, so I can return from holidays with a clear head and make sure everything is ok.

    Here are some hard info/facts and a few pics, PhD related:

    All my scores and the commentary on the right.

    The box that everything will go in.

    A total of 9 scores
    213 pages of music
    81 minutes of music
    60 pages of written commentary
    Almost 4 years of full time studying in London!

    Recordings do exist and you probably have heard most of them already but in any case here they are:
    www.nikolas-sideris.com/stuff/Sea.mp3 (this IS made with GAST Pro edition)
    www.nikolas-sideris.com/stuff/Unique.mp3 (This also IS made with GAST pro).
    www.nikolas-sideris.com/stuff/CUDE.mp3 (Another one made with GAST Pro).

    Once I'm done with the oral examinations I would imagine it will be ok to share the commentary and scores as well.


    Finally I went for a 10 day holidays to Easter Crete (5th largest island of the Mediteranean). It's a wonderful island, filled with life, beautiful scenery, green, animals, heat, beaches, etc...

    The food is most excellent and the people are more inviting than anywhere else in Greece I would like to think so.

    The sea from a rock in the middle of the sea itself (had to actually get waterproof bag to get my mobile with me...)

    The beach, while sitting on a 'taverna' under a tree.

    I do know that you all are ok, so best wishes from me.

    I'm back in Athens working on a CD (related to CUDE for those of you who are aware of the general project), and I should be sending everything out by Friday morning. I also have to reprint a few scores (because, toner was running out, and OF COURSE I DIDN'T notice! Thank God I didn't submit then, cause I would be in serious trouble to have half printed pages in a PhD submition! I can be SO careless sometimes! At least I learn from my mistakes I think).

    Take care all of you and all the best.


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    Re: Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)

    Many congratulations Nikolas. Well deserved for a very hard worker. I'm inspired by your work ethic and commitment to excellence.

    May you have many inspired and profitable sessions in your new space.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)

    Still very jealous of your studio space!! (Mine is currently out of action for a few weeks. It's a big mess of equipment that's waiting to be put in, and equipment waiting to come out; but since the effort of unbuilding it and rebuilding it is so immense, and since I'm having new windows put in in September, I decided I only want to do it once. So there's no music making until October). The simplicity of it is just great. And many congratulations on starting to get composing work.

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    Re: Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)

    FABULOUS, Nikolas - This was great to get so much details about what's current with you, and all the great pictures too. $35,000 grant- !?! - Very unexpected boon for you in these economically depressed times--wow.


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    Re: Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)

    I would so like to go back to Crete, maybe in the autumn. But I bet its changed, I've not had a holiday since 1995, so its must have been before then.
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
    NOW WITH Cubase 5, JABB,GPO, Fender Strat, Ibanez RG, Yamaha Fretless Bass, Framus Archtop, The Trumpet and Mr T Sax, together with GREEN SEALING WAX

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    Re: Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)

    Thanks guys! It feels so nice to be back! ^_^

    Derek: I don't really think that Crete changed that much. Crete is pretty much a self sustained 'country' on its own, although a part of Greece. If it was a country (like Malte for example) it would manage just fine I think! And Cretians really love their island and cherish the uniqueness of it, so they do try to not spoil it (too much anyways).

    I've been going there since 1997 or 98 when my brother was studying there, and apart from the hordes of tourists in high season, nothing else seems to be 'bad' in any case.

    (on another issue. This is an international forum. What about we exchange experiences in holidays, food, etc? Have 'reviews' from members so that other people from other places can benefit? I've already been asked a few times in forums about holidays in Greece, and I remember someone asking about Italy. Maybe a thread containing all would be a good idea?)

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    Re: Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)

    Congratulations on the studio Nikolas,

    And please let us know when you finally submit the thesis and then also when you get the result!

    Best of luck from here to the finish line.

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    Re: Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)

    Wow! The studio looks great. I wish you many hours of productive work and fun.


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    Re: Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)


    You have it all now. When your degree is finalized and
    you have completed every little requirement, you will feel
    so satisfied with your quest for an advanced degree in

    My congratulations on your "workplace" and for the great
    work that you will accomplish in the future.

    Jack Cannon--MacBook Pro (2015, 13") GPO4/5, JABB3, Auth. STEINWAY, YAMAHA CFX, Gofriller CELLO, Stradivari VIOLIN, COMB2, WORLD, HARPS, PIPE ORGANS, FINALE 25.5, DORICO 1.2.10, Mac Pro 2.66 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, DP 9.51, MOTU Traveler, MOTU Micro Express, MacBook Pro (2012, 13") 2.2 Ghz CPU, 8 GB RAM.

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    Re: Personal update (Not from Gary! :D)

    Congratulations, Nikolas, on such wonderful events!
    I am so happy to hear!

    Always my best,

    David Sosnowski

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