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Topic: Gpo 4

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    Gpo 4

    Was any work done on the samples in this upgrade? Specifically I would like to know if the stuttering issue for the Strad solo's was addressed. This happens if you hold a note on a Strad solo you will hear a distinct audio gap/stutter when the sample is looped.

    I brought this up a few years back (here's the thread) and provided audio samples. I got more or less a shrugged shoulder response saying it was most likely an audio emulation of the bow changing direction. When I pointed out you do NOT hear this in the Gagli solo samples, the subject fizzled.

    Anyway, I thought I'd ask.



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    Re: Gpo 4

    Hi, DB - I just now ran a test, and the gap in the Strad Solo is still there. The samples for GPO weren't changed, but rather just adapted to work in the new sample playback engine, Aria.

    It doesn't actually "stutter," but the sound has a brief fade out, gap, and then fade in - and sounds to me like editing done at the end of the loop point in an attempt to make it smoother, which would mean they couldn't find a non-clicking loop point in the recording. That's just a guess, but in any case, that's still the way that instrument sounds.

    It was interesting to discover this after reading your post. I haven't used the solo strings in years, since I use the Strad library, and so wasn't familiar with this sample loop issue in GPO.


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    Re: Gpo 4

    Thank you Randy. For some reason the subject doesn't gather much interest from users or the Garritan people. IMO, it's just sloppy programming and lousy tech support. In regard to GPO4, it's a deal breaker for me.

    Thanks again for taking the time to verify this. Much appreciated.

    Best regards,


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