Hi everyone,

I’ve read many reviews and discussions about the Motif ES and XS, and far too often, folks say that these synths don't offer great B3 emulations, especially when it comes to the rotary speaker effect. Although I would agree that the factory presets are underwhelming, I would also say that these keyboards *can* produce thick, beefy organ sounds that are comparable to what some of the dedicated organ clones produce.

My belief in the B3 potential of these keyboards is strong enough that I created two products to showcase this potential: Organimation for Yamaha’s ES series and Organimation XS for the Motif XS. Both products feature ultra-thick rotary speaker effects created with innovative programming techniques not found in the factory presets. Other features include drawbar control, chorus, single-trigger percussion, and a toolkit of “component voices.” The toolkit lets you easily design your own Performance-mode organs that have the upgraded rotary effects and stereo enhancement built-in.

Although Organimation and Organimation XS share a lot of the same design philosophy, they are two completely independent products, both designed from the ground up. Each offers features that the other does not. The original Organimation offers a more adjustable chorus and some one-man-band style performances. Organimation XS offers two different simulated rotary speakers for Performance mode and incredible Master mode organs with 8 drawbars, selectable chorus, selectable percussion, and selectable overdrive. The Master mode organs in Organimation XS make the Motif XS a far more complete B3 emulator than any Motif has been before.

If you have access to a Motif XS or a Motif ES / MO6 / MO8 / S90 ES / Motif-Rack ES, I encourage you to check out Organimation and Organimation XS. I believe you will be amazed at the difference these products can make in your synth’s organs.